Call Centre Services | WISE Charitable Trust

Outsource your call centre with WISE

Our friendly team can manage all your inbound, outbound and help desk calls professionally, efficiently. We create warm leads for your sales team, follow up services to make sure that your customers are happy with your services, obtaining additional information, accepting deposits and much more. Enjoy more enquires and bookings and happier customers.

Confidentiality: We will ensure your customers’ information is kept separate and secure. Any payments will be processed with the strictest confidentiality and can be reported back to you daily.
Script services: We can tailor your script to be more effective and produce better results on a larger scale. Or, we can completely write those for you!

Quality assurance: No matter if it is in-bound, out-bound or special services we guarantee that every call is monitored. With strict script adherence and on-going coaching be assured that your customers will be looked after politely and professionally, every call.