About WISE

Waitara Initiatives Supporting Employment Trust (WISE) is a charitable trust based in Waitara delivering initiatives that create employment and training opportunities in the wider Taranaki community to reduce the effects of poverty. These initiatives include our landcare, insulation of low income homes and cleaning services and healthy home program.

Choosing WISE for your home insulation, land care services, or Healthy Home Initiatives services, means that you are helping our mission to help create employment opportunities for people that otherwise may find gaining employment challenging.

As a trust, we also deliver a range of charitable initiatives, supporting those living in poverty with our pyjama drive, toy drive, stationery drive, blanket drive and our community garden.

When you choose WISE for your home insulation, land care, or Healthy Home Initiatives services, you support your local community and help reduce hardship and poverty. 


Training course’s completed
in 2022/23


Homes Insulated


Homes Remediated
this year


Unity and the whole value set and to know yourself before you know others.

We need others to achieve greater things – we are greater together. 


Mana is about Honour, integrity, dignity, and authority.

Process of showing generosity
– kindness to others.


Relationship, kinship, sense of family connection.

A relationship through shared experiences working together which provides people with a sense of belonging.

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