Home Performance Advisors

Home Performance Advisors (HPA)

WISE Charitable Trust has independent certified Home Performance Advisors, who have undergone extensive training to make recommendations for warmer, drier and more energy efficient spaces. Our Home Performance Advisors offer a range of solutions specific to your needs and budget.

Our HPA’s are available for the following:

What our HPA covers:

Heating: Finding the best heating solutions for your home and improve efficiency

Energy efficiency: Lighting, appliances and hot water consumption

Ventilation: Allowing the home to breathe properly

Moisture control: Keeping the home dry to prevent spread of mould and respiratory illnesses

Reducing heat loss: Sealing off window, floor and door openings to keep the warm in and cold out

Our HPA’s follow research findings recommended by the Building Regulation Authority New Zealand (BRANZ) and the World Health Organisation.

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Our new initiative, Warmer Homes and Illness Prevention Installation Team aka WHIPIT, who can follow up, to correct issues identified by our HPA.

Our team of 2-3 staff will complete an array of services inside and outside that improves overall home health and optimises energy use.

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