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Our Learning Pathway

Training and upskilling remains one of our core Kaupapa.
WISE Charitable Trust was formed in response to the high unemployment rate in Waitara during the late 1990’s. We have identified a shortfall in the number of skilled workers in Taranaki, which is expected to increase during the Covid-19 aftermath.

All WISE staff go through our internal learning pathway that covers an array of topics that will equip them in achieving their personal and professional goals. The pathway offers internal and external upskilling pathways to our staff and their whanau, to create a resilient and skilled workforce in Waitara.

The pathway covers six streams that encompasses different topics and skills that provides our staff with the tools to work towards employment elsewhere.

The getting around portion of the pathway covers learners through to forklift licensing. All study time, lessons, application and practical test costs will be fully subsidised.

A workshop around motor vehicle maintenance will also be included in this stream.

Effective communication is a key skill that transfers into life and workplace skills. Topics covered includes customer service, active listening and situation de-escalation.

Leadership and management training is advanced training opportunities for staff who are ready to progress into the next phase.

Building a resilient community is extremely important to seeing our people thrive. The resilience stream will host a series of workshops that gives our staff practical tools to deal with the course of life.

Learnings includes financial literacy workshops, choices and consequences, dealing with change, tolerance, dress and hygiene, healthy living and eating, and tenancy rights.

The Workplace is the biggest component of the pathway. The first step is a workshop about how to be a good employee and reiterating expectations, rights and reading employment documents. This stream looks different for every department at WISE. Trainings include health and safety, construction, first aid, fire safety, handling of chemicals, business certificates and home performance assessing.

Career planning is also included in this stream. Each employee will get multiple opportunities to meet with professionals to talk about their aspirations.

Literacy and numeracy is a foundational skill that many people have yet to achieve. We will assist our staff in gaining their literacy and numeracy qualifications. This will be key in progressing through this pathway and attending training that is more advanced.

As part of our commitment to cultural diversity and inclusivity, we will provide an optional Te Reo study pathway.

Technology and computer-based systems will be a huge component of modern workplaces. The WISE staff will have the opportunity to learn how to operate basic Microsoft Suite, use internal systems and databases.

More advanced training will be offered to staff who show an interest in technology and computers.